TESTIMONIALS from League Reps & Attendees

Bob Morley
Director of Officiating, Ontario Hockey Association

bob-morley“No matter what your interests are in Officiating Hockey, and where you want to go with it, it all starts at the “grass roots” level, and nobody understands that better than Don, his Staff, and his Instructors. The Camp’s attention to detail, personal interaction with the attendees, and on ice instruction, makes the Koharski Camp the OHA’s number one recruiting venue in Ontario. Simply put – they get it !”

Larry “Magic” Christian
QMHJL Supervisor of Officials / Atlantic Dirctor of Development

larry-christian“I have been involved with Don’s development camps since day one. I am proud to say that numerous prospects from these camps are now on our staff as both Referee’s and linesman. (some now in the NHL) It is a great venue for the Q to see potential candidates for the near future and beyond. We have staff members now that we have been tracking through this camp as young as 16 and have hired as young as 18. This camp is a valuable tool for all officials to learn from some of the best officias in the world. It’s great to be part of this family each year.”

Randy Pulsifier
Hockey Canada Board of Directors


“The Don Koharski Officiating and Development Camps provides excellence in learning the craft of officiating. Whether you are a novice official, just getting started or a seasoned veteran, these camps have something for everyone. The camp instructors are there for the right reasons. They want to share their vast officiating knowledge to help improve the skills of each and every member that attends the camp. Any official interested in learning in a positive environment should take the opportunity to experience the “best” officiating school in Canada.”

Conrad Hache
Director of Officiating, Ontario Hockey League

conrad-hache-150-150“The Don Koharski’s Officiating and Development camp in Hamilton, has proven to be a great opportunity for us to discover and assist with the development of future OHL prospect officials. In the past two camps we have identified and invited 19 officials to the OHL Officiating Training Camp and proceeded to hire 9 officials out of these guys. We are also following 12 other officials for the future that we identified at these camps.”


-Just wanted to say thank you for the weekend. I had a blast and got to work on some weaknesses and improve my overall ability.   I’m happy to tell you I got hired onto the OHA staff in the London area this morning as I was finally seen by the people that matter. I will definitely recommend your camp to all the officials in my area.

-The 5 year watches are beautiful and a very classy move by the both of you. Thank you very much for that and all of the hard work you put into making these camps an enjoyable, place to learn and develop year in and year out.   See you in 2018.

-I love how all the pro officials were engaged in teaching and coaching us during the drills and power skating. Will be returning next year for sure. 

-I would definitely be interested in coming again to keep working on the things I need to improve, so I can take my game to the next level.

-This past weekend camp was overall amazing guys. So much to take in from so many top end officials and top end people. From top to bottom, amazing.

-I wanted to take a couple of minutes to thank the two of you for everything you’ve done this past weekend for not only myself, but for everybody who attended the camp. Please also extend my gratitude to the rest of the team as well, because there is no other place on this planet where you can get such great feedback, advice, and learning sessions from better officials. What you guys are doing is great, and with my drive to one day become a NHL official, you can expect my application for next year when the time comes. So once again, a big thank you to everyone.

-I had a great time and couldn’t have asked for anything better. Don was a great coach as well as the instructors were exceptional. Randy’s knowledge and interaction was by far the best classroom sessions I have been involved in. I would just like to thank all the people this weekend for the food and my “toolbox" can’t even close because it is so full.

-I wanted to thank you both for the opportunity to attend the officiating camp over the weekend. I had a great experience at the camp. I found it to be very educational, inspiring and most importantly fun. The instructors were helpful and approachable and you can really see Don has a passion for developing grass roots officiating. You guys really knocked this one out of the park!

-I just wanted to say thank you again to you and everyone else that helped out at the camp. I’m very happy I took the plunge and decided to take some time off from my busy schedule to attend the camp this year. I learned a lot. Possibly the biggest lesson I learned is to never think you have nothing to work on. This camp reminded me there are always things you can get better at. It was very fun to be involved with like-minded people; people that not only want to move to the next level but genuinely share a love for the game. I’ll be returning next year and for many years to come!

-I would just like to thank the both of you and all of your staff for another great camp, that was my 5th year and I can say I’ll be back next year, every year the camp seems to get better and better every year and I leave every year knowing so much more than when I left, keep up the fantastic work

-First of all, thanks again for the work you put into the weekend. It was a great experience. I certainly wish I had made my first visit before now. I think the best thing about the camp is the fact that the focus is not on rules and is more focused on how we move and our procedures. I believe I am, without a doubt, a better official as a result of the camp. The instructors were great and I hope they continue to come back in the future. Terry was awesome all weekend. He was great on and off the ice and really made me feel comfortable from the beginning. I will definitely be back in the future as I believe it is one of the best ways to chase my dream of reffing in the NHL.

-I would like to thank you for a great weekend! The mixture between the classroom and ice sessions were well done and I truly have learned a lot from this camp, at the moment I have been invited to POE tryouts immediately following this camp and will definitely go back next year! The instructors are very interesting as they not only speak from experience on the ice, but they also “WANT" to be at the camp to teach us officiating and pay it forward! I believe this camp will most definitely be an asset in my officiating career!

-I would like to thank both of you for the wonderful weekend at the Moncton Camp.  I truly enjoyed my 4th camp and can’t say enough about the Don Koharski camp and how well it is organized.  A big THANK YOU also to all the instructors and everyone involved.   I look forward to my upcoming reffing season.

-I just wanted to thank you for the tremendous experience I had at camp in the summer. Through the tools and skills I learned at camp and through Randy informing me of the OPOE process, I attended the OPOE Central camp in October in London and was chosen to work The World Under 17 Challenge from there. I was fortunate enough to be chosen to work the Gold Medal Game in Sarnia and the first thing I thought about was the fact that without the guidance from The School in the summer, and Randy informing me of how the process works, I would never have been able to get as far as I did. I continue to spread the good word to younger officials on the incredible opportunities and the amazing time I had at Don’s school

-In 2010 and 2011 I attended your officiating camp when it was in Burlington at the Wave arena. I was 20 and 21 and not too sure what I wanted from officiating. Coming to the camp and meeting the NHL and AHL guys, seeing so many other young officials passionate about the job and seeing that doing something “big" was possible I put everything I had into it. In the last couple of years I have been hired to the OHA, skated multiple OHF events, OHL Cups, the OHL Gold Cup, many gold medal games and this past summer was hired to the OHL as a linesman. I certainly believe in giving credit where credit is due – this camp was huge for my personal growth, on and off the ice. I’ve recommended this camp to many young officials and many have taken my advice, attended and told me later how much they loved it.

-After a career of playing the game with one year played in the ECHL, and haven taken a few years away from the competitive game, I decided to get involved in the game again but as an official. This was my first year officiating hockey and I entered your camp in Burlington with an open mind and wanted to learn as much as I could, and I did learn a lot from you and all of your staff and even my class mates. I must say I have progressed through the ranks very fast and am very excited about what the very near future holds for me. I was invited to officiate some Junior B and C games. I was not expecting this invite but welcomed it with open hands and jumped at the opportunity. I was able to learn a lot from your school and my confidence was greatly increased from the result of you and your staff and also the great officials that I have worked with this year. Saying that, I do not believe I would have progressed like I did this year if it wasn’t for your camp and the great relationship that I have with the RIC’s in Ottawa.