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2019 Camp Summary from Koho

With the regular season under way in most parts of North America, I wanted to take a quick moment and offer my sincere gratitude to everyone that made our camps this summer a great success yet again.

Thank you to our sponsors who see the benefit of what our camps bring to the community; without your support it would be impossible to keep our camps as affordable as they are.

Thank you to the OHA, QMJHL, OHL and all Minor Hockey Associations for all of your support in growing officiating at the grassroots level and beyond. We are privileged to have you all involved, and are confident you will see positive results in your respective leagues.

To our on-ice and classroom Instructors, thank you for your continued hard work and dedication to giving back to the game from an officiating standpoint. You all serve as role models to our students and deserve a lot of credit for the success of our camps.

And last but certainly not least, a HUGE thank you to each and every one of our students. Your passion, work ethic, and willingness to learn make all the hard work that goes into putting these camps on worth every second. Good luck this season, and make sure to put all your new tools to work in every game this season.

Make sure to keep an eye on our website and follow us on Facebook as we will be announcing our dates and locations for next summer’s camps in the near future. But until then, keep working hard and make sure to bring that speed and energy to every game you work!

Good luck this season,

Hockey Referree Lessons and Videos online featuring Don KoharlskiONLINE COACHING – I am very excited to announce that I have entered into a partnership with Brandon Bourgeois, founder and owner of Team Stripes, a technology start-up that is committed to bringing modern training tools to all hockey officials.  As Program Director, I will oversee the development and creation of these tools, among which will be the creation of an in-depth Academy of online courses.  Brandon and I are excited to announce our soon to be first-ever Don Koharski’s Master Course from the Academy. 

Please take a moment to visit the site and follow our progress.

Click Image to the Right to view Academy Details
or Below for More Team Stripes Web Links 

More Info Phone:  506.850.7981   or Email:  goteamstripes@gmail.com

Click to Visit Sponsors Page

Click to Visit Sponsors Page

End of 2018 Season Message

There were five camps this summer, each unique, but always with the same theme – take your skill set to a higher level and be a leader, both on and off the ice.  Some highlights from the 2018 camps are:

  • We held our first ever elite camp in Nashville TN.  Congratulations to all officials picked up by the AHL, ECHL, USHL, SPHL, and USPHL as well as invited to the NHL Combine Camp in Buffalo NY.
  • 21 officials from the Hamilton camp were offered membership to the OHA Officiating Program for the upcoming season. 
  • We have heard from one official that he was being brought on to the OHL staff to work as a Linesman.
  • With the support of Hockey Nova Scotia, we held a camp in Truro, NS for the first time and look forward to returning next year.
  • 12 officials wereselected as QMJHL prospects and given season passes as part of their mentoring program.   Each recipient can meet the game officials as well as watch the game with the Officiating Supervisor.   It has turned into a successful program in the development of young officials.
  • 13 officials were recognized as future stars for the QMJHL along with a much younger new official who stood out as a “one to watch”.
  • 8 officials received their 5-year watch
  • Congratulations to the four draw prize winners who each received a full refund of their $350 registration fees.
  • Congratulations to the four draw prize winners who each received an NHL officiating jersey signed by all NHL officials working the 2018-19 season.

We wish all officials the best of luck in the upcoming 2018-19 hockey season.  Remember to stay focused, work with speed, energy and bring that WOW factor to every game.


The development of officials is taken very seriously at our camps and for that reason we are committed to continually improve our on-ice and classroom sessions.  Our staff consists of the very best of amateur and professional officials who share their experiences both on and off the ice and work hard to provide you with the very best of on-ice instruction.  We take great pride in providing students interactive classroom sessions which can be put into practice on the ice.

Our camps are open to males and females, minimum age 13 at time of camp.  Past camp participants ranged in age from 13 to 57 with experiences ranging from none to all the way up to many years at level 6.  Whether your goal is to get into the professional ranks, JR. hockey or move up to the Pee Wee level, our camps are designed to provide you with the necessary tools needed to enhance your officiating skills or simply just get you started in officiating.

I would like to thank our many sponsors for their generous support and commitment over the years as their involvement has better enabled us to provide you with this weekend experience.  We do ask that you visit our sponsor page and support those who support you.

As we near the end of this hockey season, I ask you to continue to bring positive energy and effort to your game……..Vow to Wow!

Don Koharski
Officiating Manager

Don Koharski was an NHL official for 32 years and has officiated in 1,882 regular season games (referee and linesman) 262 playoff games and 11 Stanley Cup Finals games.  He entered the league in 1977 and worked 163 NHL games as a linesman before becoming a referee.  His first game as a referee was Nov. 21, 1981.  Since retiring from the ice in 2009, Don continues to work with the NHL as an Officiating Manager with the NHL.

“Koho has had an outstanding career as an NHL referee which spanned an impressive 28 plus seasons.  The respect he has garnered is reflected in his relationships with players, coaches and teammates,” NHL Senior Vice President and Director of Officiating Stephen Walkom told NHL.com.  “His love of playing hockey led him to officiating, which he turned into a Hall of Fame career, much to the benefit of our team.”

Our camps are designed to provide you with the necessary tools needed to enhance your officiating skills or simply just get you started in officiating.

Ages 13 and Up - Beginners to Advanced



Bob Morley – Director of Officiating, Ontario Hockey Association

“No matter what your interests are in Officiating Hockey, and where you want to go with it, it all starts at the “grass roots” level, and nobody understands that better than Don, his Staff, and his Instructors. The Camp’s attention to detail, personal interaction with the attendees, and on ice instruction, makes the Koharski Camp the OHA’s number one recruiting venue in Ontario. Simply put – they get it !”

Larry “Magic” Christian – QMHJL Supervisor of Officials / Atlantic Director of Development

“I have been involved with Don’s development camps since day one. I am proud to say that numerous prospects from these camps are now on our staff as both Referee’s and linesman. (some now in the NHL) It is a great venue for the Q to see potential candidates for the near future and beyond. We have staff members now that we have been tracking through this camp as young as 16 and have hired as young as 18. This camp is a valuable tool for all officials to learn from some of the best officias in the world. It’s great to be part of this family each year.”

Randy Pulsifier – Hockey Canada Board of Directors

“The Don Koharski Officiating and Development Camps provides excellence in learning the craft of officiating. Whether you are a novice official, just getting started or a seasoned veteran, these camps have something for everyone. The camp instructors are there for the right reasons. They want to share their vast officiating knowledge to help improve the skills of each and every member that attends the camp. Any official interested in learning in a positive environment should take the opportunity to experience the “best” officiating school in Canada.”